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Akeneo app for Business Analytics

Version: SaaS
Akeneo app for Business Analytics is the application that we use to collect your business data that will be exploited in the Studio Analytics dashboard.

The Business Analytics app is required to use the business metrics within the PIM analytics dashboard. You must install and set up this app so that we can connect to your sales data base and get your sales data, in a securitized way. Once it's done, we can synchronize and digest your data in our PIM analytics dashboard so that you can analyze the impact of your product enrichment on different markets and sales channels. 

App features: 

- sales channels creation/edition/deletion: With more granularity than the PIM channels, you need to know where your sales data comes from for business analytics. That's what we call "Sales channels". We ask you to define a name for this sales channel, to map it with a PIM channel and a PIM product identifier. Then, you must choose the cloud platform you use to store your sales data, among 4 choices. Depending on the selected cloud platform, we ask you different pieces of information to let us connect to your database. Finally, you can choose to enable/disable this sales channel. 

- currency selector: choose the currency you want to display in your PIM analytics dashboard.