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Akeneo Connector for Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Version: 24.1.0
Akeneo Connector empowers Commerce Cloud customers to push their Akeneo PIM catalog to Salesforce Business Manager. This connector enables to convert Akeneo API data to Salesforce Commerce Cloud XML format, for master and variant products, categories, attributes, associations, pricebooks and media.

The easiest way to spread your catalog to Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Utilize Akeneo SFCC connector to export complete and current product information to Salesforce Commerce Cloud. This connector leverages the latest API technology to provide seamless integration between Akeneo PIM and Commerce Cloud.

Akeneo connector for Salesforce Commerce Cloud


How it works

Once the architecture of your catalog is complete in Akeneo PIM, and your collections ready for export, you can spread your product content to Salesforce Commerce Cloud in just a few steps from the Business Manager of Salesforce Commerce:


  • Upload the .zip archive that contains the connector
  • Fill in the API credentials to bind your Akeneo instance with your SFCC account
  • Set a handful of custom preferences to ease synchronization between Akeneo catalog and Salesforce Commerce Cloud architecture as per your own needs
  • Use the Job schedules feature to run pre-set jobs that will call relevant API endpoints to fetch the whole catalog inside Salesforce Commerce Cloud

See how it works in details with a full demonstration of our extension here:




The integration enables the merchant to set up pre-defined jobs in Salesforce Commerce Business Manager to retrieve product data, product with variants, categories, attributes, media, assets, associations and price books from Akeneo PIM.

Imports can be made either manually or automatically through CRON jobs as part of the native Jobs feature of Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

A set of custom preferences also enables the merchant to map Akeneo PIM attributes to existing Salesforce Commerce taxonomy.


Get in touch with Akeneo to know more about the perks and the support model of Akeneo Connector for Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

  • Tel. (France): +33 (0)2 55 59 00 00
  • Tel. (Germany): +49 211 2339 6655
  • Tel. (U.S.A.): +1 (833) PIM-4ALL
  • E-Mail: demandware@akeneo.com
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