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Akepeek: Keepeek DAM App for Akeneo PIM

Version: Beta version
Thanks to Akepeek, you can associate each Akeneo product sheet with the right media in just a few clicks, directly from your favourite PIM. Automate the generation of formats, ensure that your visuals are always up to date and speed up your time to market. All with the power and simplicity of Keepeek, the French leader in DAM.

Akepeek boost your product media management with Akeneo and Keepeek 🚀
Optimize your product media management with Akepeek, the App that intelligently connects your Akeneo PIM to France's leading DAM solution, Keepeek. With Akepeek, say goodbye to the tedious and time-consuming tasks associated with manual product media management. Automatically associate each Akeneo product sheet with the right media, directly from Keepeek. No more switching between different tools! 

Key features :

  • Direct access to your Keepeek media from the Akeneo interface
  • Automatic association of product files with corresponding media
  • Dynamic thumbnail generation in multiple standardized formats
  • Access only to media that have been validated and are ready for distribution
  • Real-time updating of media associated with product sheets

With Akepeek, you can guarantee that your visuals are always up to date, considerably reduce your time to market, and offer an optimal product experience across all your distribution channels. Keepeek is the power of a robust and intuitive DAM solution, adopted by numerous retail players such as Intermarché, Auchan, Truffaut and LaRedoute.

By connecting Akeneo to Keepeek, you benefit from:

  • Simplified centralization and distribution of media to your teams and external agencies
  • Acceleration of your time-to-market thanks to efficient supply of your different channels (e-commerce, mobile, print...)
  • Automatic generation of all the media formats you need

Ready to revolutionize your product media management? Install Akepeek now and benefit from seamless integration between your PIM and your DAM. Your product team will thank you! 
Already a Keepeek customer? Once you've installed Akepeek, configuration is just a few clicks away (in beta version)! 
Not yet using our DAM solution? Visit our website or contact our sales team. We'd be delighted to give you a personalized demonstration and discuss how Akepeek can meet your specific needs.Take your product media management to the next level with Akepeek!

About Keepeek – www.keepeek.com/en
As the French leader in Digital Asset Management (DAM), Keepeek offers a collaborative platform for marketing and communication teams to organize, manage and distribute their multimedia content. We manage the entire content chain, from the design phase to automated distribution. For more than 15 years, our vocation is to reduce the costs of content management and to secure the media.

With Keepeek, brands take the power over their marketing contents, thanks to a tool entirely customized according to their needs, around 4 main themes :
- Marketing and communication content: centralize and distribute quality asset to external teams and agencies worldwide
- Brand platform: harmonize brand usage with the creative community
- Product content: accelerate time to market and feed the various channels (PIM, e-commerce site, mobile application, etc.)
- Corporate legacy: perpetuate and enhance the audiovisual heritage of companies

Release notes
Feature List : PIM EE compatibility with asset manager
Feature List : PIM CE/GE compatibility
Feature List : Both ways metadata synchronization