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Version: 1.0
Revolutionize your product listing process with Copysmith's integration with Akeneo. With our innovative solution, you can create high-quality product descriptions, saving you time and effort. Simply provide a block of keywords, and let Copysmith do the rest! Whether you're adding new products or updating existing ones, our integration with Akeneo streamlines your workflow, empowering you to work faster and more efficiently. Try it out today and experience the power of effortless, high-quality p

App Features

Centralized Product Data Management

No more spreadsheet hell. Manage all of your product content from a single, centralized platform. This includes product descriptions, meta tags, images, and other product-related information. With Copysmith, you'll be able to manage your product data more efficiently while saving massive amounts of time (and money) in writing product descriptions and researching product attributes and SEO keywords.

Translate Existing Product Descriptions to other Languages

Expand your ecommerce business with translated product descriptions: CopySmith can help you expand your ecommerce business into new markets by rewriting your product descriptions for translation into another language.

eCommerce Copywriting

With Copysmith, you'll be able to create product descriptions, bullet points, FAQs, product briefs, titles, tags easily. Whether it's a product brief, technical information, or long form product copywriting, Copysmith has what you need.

Product Content SEO:

Optimize and rewrite your eCommerce product copy for better SEO ranking, whether one product at a time or in bulk, without losing your brand voice and tone.