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Grand Shooting - Catalog Sync

Version: V1.0 - Catalog Synchronization with Grand Shooting
The top AI-driven company dedicated to image analytics and treatment at scale and in real time. This App is dedicated to catalog synchronisation between Akeneo and Grand Shooting instances.

As more and more industries embrace the PXM model, companies are increasingly seeking technologies to automate product enrichment, reduce time to market and scale their product management processes.
Through this partnership, companies operating Akeneo suit will have direct access to Grand Shooting’s AI- based technology that facilitates quality control of images added to brands, e-retalers and marketplaces and automatically retouches non-compliant images in real time.
This in turn frees eshops and marketplaces operators from painful and time-consuming operations, resulting  in substantial efficiency gains and accelerated onboarding of new products, and fueling GMV.
This App aims at pushing catalog data into Grand Shooting and returning a status of images production process. On Oct 23, the contribution of images into Akeneo (eshop, marketplaces) is being made through a specific connector to be customzined for each Akeneo client.

Release notes
Feature List : Akeneo PIM data/properties
Feature List : Connector/App capabilities
Feature List : Data synchronization
Feature List : PIM EE compatibility with asset manager
Feature List : PIM CE/GE compatibility
Feature List : Both ways metadata synchronization