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InBetween's powerful solutions create an ideal basis for every need within the publication process – whether you produce digital or print publications. Use your Akeneo PIM in the most efficient way and make your print channel as agile as your e-commerce channels. Simply install the App independently and get started instantly!

InBetween Digital Publisher App - your next step in publishing is just a click away!

The InBetween Digital Publisher App bundles InBetween's proven products to simplify publication creation and distribution as needed in every aspect and allows you to produce a wide range of publication types such as pricelists, datasheets, catalogs or leaflets using product data, assets and hierarchies from your Akeneo PIM.


Creative Publishing

Do you want to access your data quickly and without any complications directly within InDesign? Do you want to have immediate access to all available content?

With the InBetween DTP Client the integration of InDesign to your data is fast and seamless, enabling you to use your product information optimally for your advertising material anytime, anywhere. This way you are faster, more up-to-date and you can manage design and layout with ease and simplicity.

How does it work?

  • Create and edit templates directly in Adobe InDesign
  • Product information from your Akeneo PIM is provided by the InBetween InDesign PlugIn in the basket
  • Product templates enable product placement in the desired layout
  • Simply drag and drop the products from the product list onto the template
  • The product layouts are configured in the template
  • Automate the creation of entire page sections, or build publications piece by piece
  • Add editorial content and plan the page according to your creative vision
  • Since the components of your publication are linked to product data via templates, you can update them quickly and easily at any time

Find out more about creative publishing with the InBetween DTP Client!


Publishing in Teams

Do several departments plan and create publications at the same time for optimal preparation for the for the market?

We have got your back with accuracy and efficiency! The InBetween Publication Wizard, InBetween Publisher as well as the InBetween Planner, are three web-based tools that provide an optimal planning and working environment between individual departments with different needs relevant to the process. Make your publishing process more efficient and thus more enjoyable!


The InBetween Publication Wizard is a collaborative environment for your team to iteratively plan and build publications: non-technical users from purchasing, product management or marketing can participate as well as technical DTP users. Non-technical users responsible for publications can easily handle their publication workflows encompassing reviews and approval, before handing pages and sections of publications over for final editing and approval.

How does it work?

  • You select the pre-configured master pages provided in the tool and drag them to the editing area
  • Product data is automatically fetched from your Akeneo PIM and is made available for processing in the product basket
  • Then, products can be placed on the pages as desired
  • The product gets laid out automatically


The InBetween Publisher is the ideal solution for a most efficient and dynamic creation and distribution of your publications. You can give partners such as dealers, subsidiaries, or sales representatives on-demand access to your current and individualized publications.

How does it work?

  • If you integrate the InBetween Publisher into a self-service portal. The user identification of the portal automatically selects the dynamic parameters
  • Your distributors, dealers, sales or service staff only need to select the publication
  • Within seconds, they will obtain the perfect result in the desired language, currency, unit of measurement or with the desired assortment


The InBetween Planner is the perfect solution for handling all your ongoing publication processes. It allows you to control and monitor the iterative progress of all your publications, through all key stages: from initial planning to final publishing and distribution.

How does it work?

  • You define all sections, as well as the number of pages for each individual section
  • You can then define completion dates per section and per publication, as well as the responsible person for the project
  • The powerful tool collects the relevant data and images from the PIM system and inserts these into the publication pages.
  • Users can choose a language and generate the publication right there and then

Find out more about an optimal planning and working environment with the InBetween Publication Wizard, the InBetween Publisher as well as the InBetween Planner!


Efficient Publishing

Do you need to produce many thousands of publications in a similar layout virtually on a piecework basis? And this needs to always be up to date?

The InBetween Auto Generator Cloud is a highly automated publication cloud service designed to enable the most efficient creation and distribution of your print marketing material with fresh product data from your databases. Your publications are produced time scheduled from your product data in your Akeneo PIM in the desired languages, the corresponding currencies and tailored to your customer segments. You can effortlessly generate all your datasheets on-demand, always with the most up-to-date data from the database. Without effort, without detours.

How does that work?

  • It uses smart product filtering to keep your publications up to date
  • At a scheduled time, it scans your PIM for changed or new products
  • For all updated products it will produce datasheets and store them in your PIM for availability in all channels

Find out more about the most efficient way of publishing with the InBetween Auto Generator Cloud!


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