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SAP adaptor

Version: 1.0
The Akeneo adapter is intended to ensure seamless integration between Akeneo and SAP Cloud Integration Suite(CI former CPI), and therefore must be integrated within SAP's Integration Suite.

Export your catalog to SAP Customer Experience 

The Akeneo adaptor for SAP joins Akeneo's ecosystem to help merchants manage and export their catalog data to their webstore. Using the power of the SAP Cloud Integration Suite, Akeneo adaptor for SAP can help easing the feed of high-quality and emotionally resonant product information from your PIM to your eCommerce platform, enabling you to improve your customers' shopping experiences, increase conversions, and reduce returns. 

How it works

The Akeneo adaptor for SAP is to be used within the  SAP Cloud Integration Suite (SAP CI). It is an accelerator to ease the communication between Akeneo and SAP. The adaptor is a receiver type, meaning it is used to send requests (e.g. reading or writing) from the integration process to Akeneo. 

The adapter is developed for communication between SAP CI and Akeneo. Communication includes, for example, authentication and secure storage of user credentials within the CI, implementation of field functionalities (e.g. XML Conversion) and communication calls for each content type (see resources section).
The integration process uses the adapter to communicate. The data transformation and mapping must be handled by the integration process.

The adapter is designed to be downloaded (.esa file) and uploaded on the SAP CI for its deployment. Once deployed, the adapter can be used within an integration process.


The adapter uses Akeneo REST-API for communication with third-party systems. Resources can be fetched, added, updated and deleted via the REST-API. For this purpose, the adapter provides the necessary GET, POST, PATCH and DELETE methods. A prerequisite for using it is that the interface can be accessed via the Internet.

The authentication process is handled by the adapter. Since the process differs depending on the PIM version, the adapter supports the authentication process oAuth 2.0 Password Grant. Within the CI, the user stores his credentials as security material. The adapter provides a field where the user can specify the name of the security material.

Release notes
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