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Version: 1.0
Implement extensive product information in your Adobe InDesign files.

The collaboration between Akeneo's PIM and 2imagine allows you to create ready-to-print Adobe InDesign documents such as files or catalogs, filled with extensive product information.

Akeneo's collaboration with 2imagine offers you:

High-quality ready-to-print documents. You can either print your document directly after implementing your product information, or you can edit your information with 2imagine's Adobe InDesign editor.

Editing without leaving applications. If you're creating a catalog in 2imagine, you don't need to leave the application to implement product information. You can directly browse Akeneo's PIM without leaving the 2imagine Adobe InDesign editor.

A smoother production process. The 2imagine Adobe InDesign editor encompasses templates of your catalogs. No need to pass by your colleagues of the design team. You now can create documents yourself, without any previous knowledge of Adobe InDesign.

High ROI. Everyone, even those without any previous knowledge of Adobe InDesign, is able to implement product information in your catalog. The solution can be used by everyone: marketing, management, the design team or communication staff members.

In short, the collaboration between Akeneo's PIM and 2imagine gives you the opportunity to create outstanding documents - from catalogs and product sheets to flyers and price lists - filled with extensive product information. Moreover, you can start creating these documents from your desktop or from your tablet. The choice is up to you.

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