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Akeneo Activation for Retail

Version: SaaS
Akeneo Activation for Retail gives brands a scalable way to activate their products on key retail channels that meet retailer requirements and improve conversion.

Power your great product experiences on retailer channels, like Amazon, with high-quality product information and assets from Akeneo PIM. Akeneo Activation for Retail integrates with Akeneo PIM to push products to the key retailers you work with.

It allows you to 

  1. Define the right product assortment for each channel
  2. Easily map high quality PIM data to retailer requirements
  3. Automatically push products and assets on a regular basis to showcase your high quality product experiences on each retailer
  4. Manage feedback with prescriptive error reporting.


Easy Configuration & Set-up

  • Easy to use configuration page within Akeneo PIM
  • Quick and straightforward set-up of channels and family type that meets retailer requirements

Data Mapping Capabilities

  • Map your PIM source  data with retailer target data, like Amazon (Vendor and Seller), Zalando, Nordstrom, NuOrder, Intersport or Zappos
  • Understand expected formatting required by the retailers by viewing all required and optional fields
  • Receive recommendations on data structure and formatting directly within the platform

Synchronization of Categories, Products & Products Variants 

  • Seamlessly export product information from Akeneo PIM to the retailer either using APIs or flat files (when there is no API support on the retailer side)
  • Sync images stored in your Akeneo PIM or an external DAM
  • Keep your retailer PDPs up-to-date with regular daily syncs
  • Delta export capabilities

Catalog Export Reporting

  • Real-time updates on the status of your exports
  • Identification of potential problems in the exports with Error Reporting
  • Log descriptions are written to be easy to understand for non-technical users
  • "Take actions" on error with direct linking to issue source
Enhanced Document Handling
  • Assignation of the enhanced documents (such as Amazon A+ content)
  • Synchronization of the enhanced documents with the retailers
Feature List : Akeneo PIM data/properties
Feature List : Connector/App capabilities
Feature List : Data synchronization