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Akeneo Auto Category Assignment Rules

Version: 3.1.0
Akeneo Auto Category Assignment Rules: This module simplifies the process of assigning categories to products. You can now use this module to build many rules with the conditions and categories you want.

Assignment Rules for Akeneo Auto Categories- It allows you to create rules, and categories are automatically given to products based on the conditions of those rules.

You only need to use the play button to start the job after you've created the rules. Following the job's completion, the specified categories will be assigned to the products in accordance with the condition set up.


  • Automatically assign various categories to the products.
  • For category assignments, you can include multiple conditions.
  • For auto-assignment, the product can be set to match all conditions or any condition.
  • When setting rules for category assignment, you can choose between local and channel.
  • For rule creation, you can use actions like empty, not empty, equal to, contains, and so forth.

Documentation - https://webkul.com/blog/auto-category-assignment-rule-akeneo/

Live Demo - https://akeneo-demo.webkul.com/Automatic-Product-Category-Assignment-Connector/demo.html


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/


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