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Akeneo Auto SKU Generator: With the help of this module, the merchants can generate the SKU automatically in Akeneo. This module will help the merchants to save lots of time and manual work to generate the SKU in Akeneo. If the store owners generate the SKU automatically in Akeneo then they can easily add the other product details and increase the efficiency of creating products. This module will work for product and product variants in Akeneo to generate the product SKU.

How Does The Module Work?

With this module, the user can generate the SKU based on a pattern. The user can enter at least 5 digit number for a pattern and then he has to enter the prefix and suffix for the SKU. When the user will go to create the product, then the Akeneo will automatically generate the SKU of that product based on the configuration.

For example, if the user wants to generate the SKU starting from 12345 then he will enter the number, prefix, and suffix in the configuration. After clicking on the create product button, the SKU will be generated like "Prefix/12345/Suffix" and the next SKU will be "Prefix/12346/Suffix". The users can also generate the SKU for variant products. For this, the users can select the attribute like(color, size) on which basis they want to generate the SKU.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Auto SKU Generator In Akeneo?

This module will benefit the organization that deals with millions of products that are similar in nature and have a slight change in some product attributes. The user can generate the SKU automatically and after that, they can easily fill other product attributes using the bulk action. There are other benefits of using this module

  • It will reduce the duplicity of the products.
  • It will save time and reduces manual work.
  • The modules will be helpful in generating thousand of SKU in less time that will increase productivity.
  • The user can generate the SKU for simple and variant both types of products.
  • The user can set the pattern for generating the SKU.
  • The user can predefine the prefix and suffix to generate the SKU.



Release notes

Version :3.0.0


  • Compatibility with akeneo 6.
  • Compatible with Composer
  • Added Support Tab
  • Added Composer Installation
  • Improved the Manual Installation
  • Added Uninstallation Command


Version: 2.0.0

  • Compatibility with akeneo 5.
  • Repeated SKU Issue
  • Translation issue fixed.
  • Compatible with Akeneo 4 enterprise edition.

Version 1.1.0

  • Compatibility with Akeneo v4.0.x.
  • Separator selection option provided
  • SKU prefix continuously added issue fixed

Version 1.0.0


  • Supports Akeneo 3.0.x and 3.1.x, 3.2.x
  • Auto Generate SKU from a user-defined number.