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Akeneo to commercetools Connector

Version: 1.0
Developed in true M.A.C.H. spirit, Akeneo to commercetools Connector draws from Gold Partner Vaimo’s extensive experience with implementing Akeneo PXM solutions and delivering digital commerce solutions. This connector links Akeneo PIM with the commercetools ecommerce platform to help businesses migrate their product data with a push of a button.

What problem does the connector solve?

With the push of a button, this app converts your Akeneo PIM data model into a commercetools project where product data will be available within minutes. The Akeneo to commercetools Connector is a full SaaS service in order to connect two of the fastest growing MACH platforms on the market to start your composable journey. 

Connector main benefits:  

  • Go composable with speed
    The Akeneo to commercetools connector allows you to re-use your Akeneo data model structure to build your commercetools catalogue from a completely empty commercetools project in minutes. Ideal for POC´s and a flying start for going composable. 


  •  Two platforms ONE system
    Combine PIM enterprise features with a headless commerce engine to unlock flexibility and speed to drive success in digital commerce. 


  •  Truly MACH compliant
    The connector is a full SaaS service that connects these MACH alliance platforms using only API, no custom code to slow you down, no updates or versioning issues. 


  • Instant updates
    Equipped with the possibility to use Akeneos event API combined with scheduled delta runs,  the updates will be close to instant between the systems.  


  • Attribute mapping
    Let the connector create relevant existing Akeneo attributes in commercetools automatically, or map manually using the connector´s mapping feature. Also possible to skip irrelevant Akeneo attributes.


  • Feature rich and evolving
    Packed with features to support your composable strategy and constantly evolving to follow both the Akeneo and commercetools roadmap to support your business long term.  (See Feature List) [link to feature tab]


  • Multiple commercetools projects?
    No problem, spinning up a new configuration is fully automated in order to support more than one commercetools project. Initial installation includes two configurations.


  • Multiple users
    The app interface allows you to create more users that can edit existing configurations or set up new ones or do both. 


  • Register for free
    Create your free account and start browsing the connector demo UI to discover how easy it is to create the connection between the systems.  https://app.connectmach.com
  • Support
    First-line phone/email support is included in the subscription. Get in touch with the Vaimo team to know more about the possibilities, and the business model or setting up a demo of the Akeneo Connector for commercetools.

    Tommy Essenholm
    +46 708-739463



Feature List : Akeneo PIM data/properties
Feature List : Connector/App capabilities
Feature List : Data synchronization