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Akeneo Connector for Adobe Commerce/Magento (Community Edition)

Version: 104.3.7
Akeneo’s integration empowers Adobe Commerce merchants to push their Akeneo PIM catalog to their eCommerce. This module is compatible with Adobe Commerce and Magento, but to ease the reading we will only mention Adobe Commerce. Provided by Akeneo, this connector is designed for Akeneo Community users. It reproduces your Akeneo CE architecture in Adobe Commerce and synchronizes your product catalogs thanks to Akeneo REST API. For more evolutions and support check the enterprise version

The most reliable way to export your catalog to Adobe Commerce

The Akeneo Connector for Adobe Commerce joins Akeneo's ecosystem to help merchants manage and export their catalog data to their webstores. This Akeneo Connector version leverages the latest API technology to provide seamless integration between Akeneo PIM and Adobe Commerce/ Magento. This module is compatible with Adobe Commerce and Magento, but to ease the reading below we will only mention Adobe Commerce.

With Akeneo PIM Cartridge for B2C Commerce, feed high-quality and emotionally resonant product information from your PIM to your eCommerce platform, enabling you to improve your customers' shopping experiences, increase conversions, and reduce returns. Set up predefined jobs in B2C Commerce Business Manager to retrieve product information, including attributes, variants, categories, associations, and assets, from Akeneo PIM and map it to existing B2C Commerce taxonomy using a set of custom preferences. Customize the connector to create a personalized experience.

Adobe Commerce

How it works


Once the architecture of your catalog is complete in Akeneo, and your collections are ready for export, you can spread your product content to Adobe Commerce in just a few steps from the Dashboard of Adobe Commerce. The connector fetches data from Akeneo API and insert it directly in Adobe Commerce database. As a result, imports are very fast and don't cause outages of your webstores.


See how it works in details with an end-to-end demonstration of our Akeneo Connector here:


Magento 2


The following Akeneo features can be exported to your Adobe Commerce webstores thanks to this connector:

  • Categories | Families | Attributes | Options | Products | Product Models

Only Community Edition features of Akeneo are supported with this connector version. To put your hands on the Enterprise Edition of this Akeneo Connector, please click HERE.

Which Akeneo Connector version should I use?

There are 2 versions of the Akeneo Connector for Adobe Commerce.

In addition of the core features of Akeneo Community Edition, the Enterprise Edition of the connector supports additional EE-only features, such as Product Assets or Reference Entities(*).

The Enterprise Edition of the connector also benefits from SLA-backed support by Akeneo teams, as well as evolutions along the year to enhance its performances and its functional scope.

Community and Enterprise editions comparison

(*)  As Adobe Commerce does not have an equivalent concept to PIM "Reference Entity", since Akeneo Connector for Adobe Commerce version 100.2.1, we add a new feature to map PIM Reference Entities at product level in the ecommerce: please be sure to read our documentation to understand the Connector configuration possibilities and how this works in Adobe Commerce.

Release notes
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