Akeneo Currency Conversion

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Akeneo Currency Conversion

Akeneo Currency Conversion is a module that allows you to convert one currency price to another currency based on the currency rates and process updated prices across products.

There is an option Currency converter configuration inside the Akeneo Settings menu. Inside the configuration, you can set currency rates and select the base currency for currency rate conversion.

You can update the currency rates manually as well as using currency API.

For now, we are providing the support for the two currency rates APIs as given below:

  1. Fixer Io ( https://fixer.io/ )
  2. Currency Converter API ( https://free.currencyconverterapi.com/ )

For this, you just need to get your API and set them up in the configuration and then you can fetch the currency rates.

Now, you just need to click on the EXECUTE CURRENCY CONVERSION button that's it. This process will automatically save the updated price value in the products.


Installation and Documentation.

See installation and detailed document on Githubhttps://github.com/ktpl/akeneo-currency-rate-conversion/blob/1.0/README.md

Also, please check the changelog on GitHub for the specific version.