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Akeneo PIM compatibility
Enterprise Edition (SaaS) Supported
Enterprise Edition (PaaS) Not supported
Growth Edition Supported
Community Edition Not supported
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Apps are the best way to connect the third party technology that you need to your Akeneo platform.

The Akeneo Demo App will allow you to test out the connection experience. You can connect your PIM with the Demo App to see just how easy it is!


And if you are a developer and wants to understand how it works, take a look at our documentation on api.akeneo.com and check out our code on Github: https://github.com/akeneo/demo-app. 😉 

Release notes

March 2022 - Initial release 1.0

  • Easy connection with Akeneo step-by-step activation process
  • Synchronize 10 of your products
  • Display product values for the following attribute types: identifier, text, text area, Yes/No, number, price, date.


The purpose of the Demo App is to test the App-Connect experience.


Akeneo Demo App doesn't store any of your data. It will only have temporary access to your products when you open it in your browser. As soon as you close the app, it will not access your products until you open it again.

If you want to test the connection process another time, please delete the connected app from your PIM. To get more information about connected app deletion, read the "Delete an app" section of our article: Manage your Apps.


The Catalog page displays 10 products the app can access depending on the product selection you set up on the Akeneo PIM side. If you need more information about Catalog for apps management, please read the section How to configure catalogs for apps on the Akeneo Help Center.

If you use an Enterprise Edition, you can update the connected App permissions in your PIM and see the products and product data change in the Demo App. If you need more information about App permissions, please read the section Give permissions to your App on the Akeneo Help Center.

Product page

You can click on products on the catalog page to access the product page. There, you can consult some of your product values.

NB: Today, the Demo App only displays product values for the following attribute types: identifier, text, text area, Yes/No, number, price, date.