Akeneo EasyCatalog InDesign Connector

Developed by Vincit Oyj
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Adobe InDesign / EasyCatalog plugin
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Have multiple publications to manage? Customer and / or supplier specific needs? Hoping to automate the publishing process?

Look no further.

Vincit’s Akeneo EasyCatalog Indesign Connector lets you define and manage configurations for your different publications with ease. Just select the channel, languages and catalog you want, and you’re ready to go.

Need more precise data set?

No problem.

Filter the products by category, select attributes either by group or one by one and add requirements for product completeness and quality score (where available).

New to the print automation & publishing process?

Contact us at pxm@vincit.fi and we will help you with that. Together with our InDesign professional partners we can set everything up for you and help you to utilize the power of print automation.

The data model of this connector has been tailored to be used with the EasyCatalog plugin for AdobeⓇ InDesignⓇ, but can be used for other purposes as well.

Third party tools or licenses (Akeneo, Adobe tools or plugins) are not included but we can help obtaining them.

Who we are? What we do?

Read more at https://www.vincit.fi/en/what-we-do/product-experience-management/.



The connection to Akeneo PIM is managed through the Akeneo PIM API and no installation into your Akeneo environment is needed. 

Akeneo PIM API needs to be accessible from the internet to use the connector as a service. If this is not possible, we can discuss installing the connector as a local service to your environment.

Contact us at pxm@vincit.fi and we will create an account for you.


On the first login you need to define the basic connection to your Akeneo PIM installation:

  • Akeneo Version
  • Akeneo Edition
  • Akeneo URL address
    (NOTE! One account can only connect to one Akeneo. The Akeneo address can only be changed by admin users after it has been set)
  • Akeneo API connection details (client ID, client secret, username, password) created in your Akeneo instance connection settings


Create a configuration by defining

  • Configuration name
  • Akeneo Channel
  • Selected languages
  • Akeneo root catalog
  • Akeneo category (Optional)
  • Selected attributes (Optional)
  • Product completeness requirement
  • Quality score (where available)

After saving the configuration the “Endpoint URLs” tab will give you links to the data (products, categories, attributes and attribute groups). You can select whether you want the definitions of all categories and attributes or only the ones defined in the configuration.

Copy and paste these URL addresses to the EasyCatalog plugin to fetch the data.

Configuration Modification

Existing configuration can be modified freely. After the modifications have been saved, the data endpoints will provide the data based on the modified configuration. Re-fetch the data in EasyCatalog to replicate the changes.