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Akeneo-Excel-Importer by EIKONA Media

Version: 2.2.6
The Excel importer from EIKONA Media allows to import product data from structured Excel files to a desired Akeneo PIM.

With the Akeneo-Excel-Importer you can import different Excel files (csv, xlsx), which you receive from your suppliers, for example, in a structured and automated way into Akeneo. With our importer you have the possibility to create or merge product information from Excel files according to defined rules in Akeneo. The importer is compatible with Akeneo CE and EE (PaaS) editions.




  • Missing attribute options are determined and (optionally) created by the importer.
  • Missing models are automatically determined and newly created in the PIM.
  • The importer automatically creates products in Akeneo PIM.
  • Product information can be assigned as variants to product models.

Find more information about the possibilities with the Akeneo-Excel-Importer on our website: www.eikona-media.de

Simply contact us to learn more about the Importer possibilities and benefits. We can also arrange a free web session to show you the System live.