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Akeneo PIM Events API

Version: 0.7.0
The Events API is a smooth and easy way to build integrations that respond to activities in Akeneo PIM. All you need is PIM Events API Bundle and an endpoint where to send Akeneo PIM events. Website: https://aea.trilix-gmbh.de

Website: https://aea.trilix-gmbh.de


How it works

Some event(s) happens in Akeneo PIM. This triggers a mechanism to send those event(s) as HTTP POST request to your Request URL. Each request contains event, with correspondent event type presented in JSON format.

Events API sends one request per one event, and sending of requests happens in real-time.

Event types delivered over Events API

category_created (New category was created)

category_updated (Existing category was updated)

category_deleted (Existing category was deleted)

attribute_created (New attribute was created)

attribute_updated (Existing attribute was updated)

attribute_deleted (Existing attribute was deleted)

family_created (New family was created)

family_updated (Existing family was updated)

family_deleted (Existing family was deleted)

product_created (New product was created)

product_updated (Existing product was updated)

product_deleted (Existing product was deleted)

product_model_created (New product model was created)

product_model_updated (Existing product model was updated)

product_model_deleted (Existing product model was deleted)

Example of category_updated event


  "event_type": "category_updated",

  "payload": {

    "code": "cameras",

    "labels": {

      "de_DE": "Cameras",

      "en_US": "Cameras new name",

      "fr_FR": "Caméras"


    "parent": "master"


  "event_time": 1565021907


Event Type Structure
  • event_type (String): Type of event which happened
  • payload (Object): Contains information which represents the event
  • event_time (Integer): Timestamp in seconds when the event was created
Attention ❗️

If Akeneo family contains variants, then during family update (or it's variants as well), Akeneo will re-save related products. It will trigger sending Products Update events.


This Akeneo extension is open source, you can find the repository on GitHub

Release notes