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InBetween offers a wide range of modules which are conceptualized to make your print channel agile. Akeneo Print Powered By InBetween can offer you among others:


1. Highly or fully automated generation of publications with or without DTP finishing

Typically used to produce large scale catalogues in multiple languages.


2. DTP integrated population of pages with products and assembly of publications

Typically used for DTP based production of publications and when combining creative and automated content, available for Adobe InDesign and Quark Express.


3. Web-based population of pages with products and assembly of publications

Typically used by non-DTP people such as product managers or purchase in order to populate pages of publications with products and other assets.


4. Fully automated generation of dynamic publications on demand (web based)

Typically used for providing one-click solutions such as in the form of self-service portals.


Akeneo Print Powered By InBetween allows you to produce a wide range of publication types such as pricelists, datasheets, catalogues or leaflets using product data, assets and hierarchies from your Akeneo PIM.

Furthermore, a wide range of output formats is supported such as PDF at different quality levels (preview, HiRes, HQ), Adobe InDesign, Quark Express, Powerpoint, Word, Excel, Images or HTML5.

Akeneo Print Powered By InBetween allows you to dynamically target publications for specific audiences or markets, either highly automated or part-automated.

Moreover, Akeneo Print Powered By InBetween allows you to build publication processes encompassing several inhouse departments and outsourced agencies by either employing standard desktop and online solutions or by integrating InBetween components into your own publication workflows by several technologies.


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Last but not least: Benefits for working with InBetween

We are interested in satisfying our own customers:

As already triggered at the beginning, the InBetween Akeneo Connector will be available for free from now on. We believe that our customers should not have to pay for something that is already existing.

Further, we count on your feedback and constantly optimize our software on the basis of it. Since our customers contribute significantly to our software development, we have decided to provide minor and major releases of our tools free of charge.

In addition, we want to offer you as much flexibility as possible. That is why we offer you, among other things, different payment methods.

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