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Akeneo SEO Manager: This SEO management tool allows you to improvise SEO for your online store. It allows you to check SEO snippet previews for the product. The admin can even check the availability of focus keywords in SEO fields like Title, Content, Meta description, and many more. This SEO tool even allows the admin to check the character count for the SEO title and Meta description. The admin can check the SEO analysis for improvising the SEO of any product.

Why do we need this module?

Various online companies rely on search engines for bringing traffic to their website. As the search engine is the initial point of entry to many people, the traffic from the search engines.

In Akeneo SEO Manager the admin can view the SEO Meter for analyzing the SEO of the products and product model. It shows the rating measure with a percentage. The higher the percentage, the more magnificent will be the SEO.


Demo: https://akeneo-demo.webkul.com/Akeneo-Seo/demo.html


Support: For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

Release notes

Version 3.0.0


  • Compatible with Akeneo 6
  • Added Documentation Tab
  • Added Support Tab
  • Added Composer Installation
  • Improved the Manual Installation
  • Added the Manual Uninstallation

Issues Fixed

  • Fixed SEO Checker Validation
  • Some Minor issues are fixed

Version 2.0.0

  • Compatible with Akeneo 5
  • Fixed Minor Bugs

Version 1.0.0 - "Here We Go" (28-12-2020)


  • Check SEO snippet preview
  • Check focus keywords found in SEO fields like Title, Content, Meta description, etc.
  • Check word character count in SEO title and Meta description.
  • Check SEO analysis like content readability, keyword density, and more.


>> After successful installation of the module, you will see the Akeneo SEO Manager icon on the left side of the dashboard as shown below:

seo icon


>> Tapping on the Akeneo SEO Manager icon will redirect to the new page for SEO Configuration in which you need to map the following details:

  • Focus Keyword – The admin can map the focus keyword for this product. Focus keywords help your product to increase the product search ranking.
  • Article Heading – This is the main heading of the product which must have the part of the keyword. You can map them in Akeneo
  • Url – ULR is the permanent link of your product this also needs to be mapped in Akeneo.
  • Content (Description) – This description and content will help to increase the ranking of your product. The admin can map the description for this product.
  • SEO Title – The SEO title is part of the snippet together with, at least, a URL and a meta description
  • Meta Description – Brief description of the product is Meta Description.

Seo configration

>> After that create a new product then fill in the product's basic details like name, price, weight, etc.

>> Then after filling in the basic details you need to fill in product SEO details like

  • Focus Keyword
  • Article Heading
  • Url
  • Content (Description)
  • SEO Title
  • Meta Description

seo details

>> The SEO Analyzer will show you the status of the product SEO level. To check SEO level click on the tab SEO Analyzer.

seo analyzer

>> In that tab, the admin can view the number of focus keywords, URL, and SEO title.


>> To check SEO analysis click on the check button.

>> In this the higher is the percentage, the better will be the SEO. The admin can view the ways and suggestions for improving the SEO level for the product.

seo analysis