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With the Akeneo-Shopware-5-Connector from EIKONA Media, you can smoothly export all your product data from Akeneo to Shopware. The connector is using the standard interfaces, that are provided for data exchange. Benefit from up-to-date product data in all your e-commerce channels and be faster on the market.

The Akeneo-Shopware-5-Connector runs on the OSKAR middleware and is connected to Akeneo and Shopware by using the common interfaces. Therefore, it is compatible with all Akeneo versions 2.x (EE/CE) and higher.

OSKAR is an e-commerce framework that allows you to intelligently manage your data flows. It provides a variety of tools to CONNECTCONVERT and CONTROL your system landscape and its individual data workflows. Full and delta exports to Shopware are possible.

The Connector can export the following product information from Akeneo to Shopware:

  • Category Trees
  • Products
  • Product models
  • Attributes
  • Attribute options (tags, additional fields, properties)
  • Media Assets
  • Sales Channels

Fallback values for product creation can be maintained for the following information:

  • Tax rate
  • Net price
  • Gross price
  • Stock
  • Sales channels

Further Options:

  • Additional fields:
    • Set metric target unit, e.g. convert all values to kg for metric Akeneo attributes
    • Number of decimal places to round to for attributes of type number
  • Attributes:
    • Main variant for product models
    • Cover image for assets
    • Filters for products and category trees in Akeneo
    • Localisable Shopware Information we can transfer in several languages

Further information

Find more information about the possibilities with the OSKAR-Middleware on our website.

Contact and Support

Simply contact us to learn more about the integration possibilities and benefits the CONNECTOR provides. We can also arrange a free web session to show you the System live.


You can find more information about the possibilities with the OSKAR-Middleware on our website.