Akeneo Trash Management

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Akeneo Trash Management

Akeneo Trash Management is a module that allows you to restore your deleted products, categories, families, and the family variants from the Akeneo. Instead of deleting/removing products, categories, families, and the family variants permanently from the Akeneo PIM setup, it moves the products in the trash management grid.

If you or any of your catalog team members have accidentally deleted the product from the Akeneo PIM setup, you will require some option that restores the specific product and bring it back to the Akeneo PIM setup and that's where this extension helps.

There is a separate grid is maintaining called "Trash Management" which stores and showcase all the deleted products, categories, families, family variants in the grid along with two options - Restore and Permanently Delete

  1. If you want your product back so just click on the restore button from this grid, it will restore the products from this trash management grid to the Akeneo product management grid
  2. If you don't want to continue with a specific product and want that product to get deleted permanently, click on the delete forever button. This will delete the product from the Akeneo set up permanently.
  3. Similarly, you can perform the same operations for categories, families, family variants.


Installation and Documentation.

See installation and detailed document on Githubhttps://github.com/ktpl/akeneo-trash-management#readme

Also, please check the changelog on GitHub for the specific version.