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Do you know that on most e-shops, more than 10% of products are misclassified?


Misclassified products prevent your customers from finding the product they are looking for and give a poor impression of the website.

Our automatic classifier helps you have products classified in the good place of your website.

ContentSide Semantic Platform connector for Akeneo is a middleware that connects to Akeneo Cloud instances.

The connector automatically classifies new and updated products, using a machine learning system that we have created as part of a european-wide R&D project.

To give best results, the connector needs to learn how to classify on your specific taxonomy, we are providing service to achieve this and get the best results.


Release notes

(futur) v1.3.0

  • feedback collection
  • continuous improvement of classification algorithm

(futur) v1.2.0

  • self serve configuration UI on the portal

(futur) v1.10

  • multi categories classification
  • webhook trigger on product editing


  • automatically classify batches of products and set the Category of each product
  • Setup the frequency and scope of classification refresh




  1. In order to effectively classify your products, we must train our AI model with your data:
    1. Export all the products of your catalog with a name, a description and a category.
    2. Export your categories tree.
    3. Send us an archive containing those exports.
  2. In your Akeneo PIM, create a Connection for the Connector.
    1. The Connection must have the right to read and write the products you plan to classify
    2. If you want to track the amount of product read or written, don’t forget to set the connection as Data Source or Data Destination
    3. It is possible to create two Connections to track more precisely and adjust the rights you give them.
    4. Send us the credentials for the connection. They will be stored securely and used only by the Connector to access your Akeneo PIM 
      1. client_id
      2. secret
      3. username
      4. password
  3. You are all set! The rest of the installation is happening on our side.


As of the V1 of the CSP Connector, there is no configuration interface publicly available.

However, you can share with us all your needs, and we’ll configure the Connector to match them.

Here is list of the configurable options the Connector offers:

  1. I/O parameters
    1. The search filters used to fetch the products.
    2. The sizes of the batches for reading products from Akeneo and writing them back once classified.
  2. Classification parameters
    1. The score threshold under which we ignore the categories returned by the CSP (we will tune it together).
    2. The name of the model created for your connector (we provide this configuration).
  3. The locale and the scope on which you want the Connector to work.
  4. The frequency at which the Connector should start and classify your products.
  5. The activation of the “dry-run” feature to store the result of the classification instead of effectively updating the products on your PIM (useful for test purposes).

The configuration interface is something we are currently working on to let you tweak your Connector the way you want it.


There is no limitation in terms of scalability, and there should not be any: the Connector is based on Cloud technologies which bring virtually infinite scaling possibilities.

Support and customer service

Please contact us at  :

  • support+akeneo@contentside.com 

Documentation files

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