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Akeneo2GlobalLink is brought to you by StrikeTru, a leading Akeneo PIM solution provider. With Akeneo2GlobalLink, you can connect Akeneo PIM with Translations.com’s GlobalLink Connect. This extension allows you to easily submit in one operation the contents of multiple products to GlobalLink for translation from one source locale into one or more destination locales. When the translated content is available in GlobalLink, it will be automatically fetched back into Akeneo to update the relevant products.



  • Ability to submit single or multiple products
  • Batching of multiple products prior to submission to GlobalLink Connect
  • Ability to view status of submitted translation requests
  • Ability to cancel submissions and documents
  • Helpful error handling and notifications
  • Support for all the locales supported by Akeneo

How it works

Here is how you can easily submit product content to GlobalLink Connect for translation:

  • Select the desired products in the product grid
  • Click on the Mass Edit operation, and choose the "Translate Content" operation.
  • Choose your content's source locale and one or more target locales to translate the content into. Also specify PM Notes, Urgency indicator, due date, GlobalLink Connect Project code etc.
  • Submit your products to GlobalLink Connect in just one click
  • Optionally, connect to your GlobalLink Connect Project Director (PD) application for more translation process options including translation workflow,translatoins memoryetc.
  • Once translations are complete, the translated content will be automatically imported back into Akeneo PIM into the appropriate products.

For the Akeneo2GlobalLink demo please contact us.

Custom Enhancements

In addition to the built-in functionality, we can implement your own custom product content translation process requirements. Please contact us for more details.


  • Akeneo PIM version >= 1.5
  • Akeneo PIM version >=2.0
  • A Translations.com Account


StrikeTru can help you install, configure, and support Akeneo2GlobalLink extenstion to integrate Akeneo PIM with GlobalLink Connect and help automate your product content translation processes.

For more information, please contact us.

Release notes

Akeneo2GlobalLink is compatible with Community and Enterprise Editions.