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Bynder & Akeneo connector - Enterprise edition

Version: 2.0
Easily transfer assets from a Bynder environment to an Akeneo PIM but also data from Akeneo to metadata Bynder. Link an asset to many products is also possible The data exchanges use the API of both applications.


This connector is used to transfer:

  • assets from a Bynder environment to an Akeneo PIM
  • data from Akeneo to Bynder.

The data exchanges use the API of both applications.

To create assets in the right Akeneo asset family, the configuration will be used and send each asset in the corresponding asset family.

The link between the asset and the product will be created thanks to the Akeneo native “Product link rule” feature. This version of the connector will automatically retrieve information from the DAM and send it to the PIM. It can also be used to get information from Akeneo and send it to Bynder

Automatically import visuals

The assets in the PIM will be created using only URLs and the binary will be left on Bynder side.

Asset created in Akeneo by the connector

Thanks to this:

  • We will display the product images in the PIM product list and product page.

Product List Page

  • We will send to the channels the information and the binaries will be still on Bynder CDN.

Only URLs are transfered, not bbinaries

Asset for many products

If you want to assign a same asset to many different products but the Akeneo native feature is not enough for you, you can use the « Multiple Products Association » feature of the connector.

It’s simple :

  • In Bynder, fill a metadata with the SKUs you want to associate to your asset
  • Let the connector link the asset to theses products using the metadata information.

Known limitations

Due to the Akeneo’s cache system, if a new version of an asset is updated in Bynder, in Akeneo, the thumbnail will not be updated.

Release notes
Feature List : PIM EE compatibility with asset manager
Feature List : PIM CE/GE compatibility
Feature List : Both ways metadata synchronization