Bynder connector for Akeneo PIM

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The Bynder connector for Akeneo PIM provides a seamless integration between Akeneo PIM and Bynder DAM.

Assets uploaded in Akeneo PIM are automatically stored on Bynder DAM. Further managing these assets in Bynder DAM is easy as the connector provides the ability to enrich asset metadata in Bynder DAM using product data from Akeneo PIM.

Linking existing Bynder assets in Akeneo PIM is possible using Bynder’s Compact View which provides an overview of all relevant assets located in your Bynder DAM.

An alternative way of linking assets is by providing a product (or model) identifier to the asset directly within your Bynder DAM. This automatically results in a direct link between product and asset.



  • Extensive asset management solution for Akeneo PIM
  • Seamless integration between Akeneo PIM and Bynder DAM
  • Incorporate 'best-of-breed' applications
  • Easy collaboration between departments


  • Bi-directional synchronization of assets
  • Automatically enrich asset meta properties with product attribute data
  • Select Bynder DAM assets in Akeneo PIM using Bynder’s Compact View


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