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Calago ETIM App for Akeneo

Version: 1.1
This app is designed to be a connector between the ETIM API and Akeneo. It is meant to create catalog structure in Akeneo according to one or more selected ETIM-classes from your ETIM subscription.

This App adds functionality to load the ETIM Classification (last two major releases or dynamic release) into Akeneo PIM.

The App allows selection of the ETIM version, after which the user selects the ETIM Classes to be included in the Blueprint.

Upon synchronization of the Blueprint to Akeneo PIM, ETIM Classes are created as Families, ETIM Features as Attributes and ETIM Values as Attribute Options.

The ETIM Units can be aligned with the Akeneo Measurements using a reference table inside the App.

Upon re-sync from ETIM or the Blueprint, all ETIM-related entities in Akeneo PIM are updated to the Blueprint specification.

Note: If the ETIM-API doesn’t have labels, null values are not written to Akeneo PIM.


We have a demo video available. Watch it here.

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