ChannelEngine Integration

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Akeneo PIM compatibility
Enterprise Edition (SaaS) Supported
Enterprise Edition (PaaS)
Growth Edition Not supported
Community Edition Not supported
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The ChannelEngine extension lets you easily connect with ChannelEngine to publish your Akeneo PIM products to a wide range of marketplaces. 


ChannelEngine is the most complete marketplace management suite, empowering merchants to sell their products on multiple channels to connect with a greater number of buyers across borders.


The ChannelEngine extension provides the following features:

  • Products - easily export your Akeneo PIM products to ChannelEngine, including your product models and product families.
  • Attributes - export your products’ attributes, displaying them as product extra data fields on ChannelEngine.
  • Product images - simply link asset families to products, and display them as ChannelEngine product images. Currently, the ChannelEngine extension supports up to ten images.
  • Categories - export and convert categories to ChannelEngine’s category trails.
  • Languages - multi-language products are supported, which can be associated with different marketplaces.


Once the extension is connected, ChannelEngine imports products and related data every15 minutes. ChannelEngine converts the Akeneo products and makes them available for use on any channel. If a required product field is missing, a notification is displayed on ChannelEngine.


Manually correcting the field on Akeneo PIM makes it available for import.

Installation - ChannelEngine

The only prerequisite before you install the ChannelEngine extension is:


  • A ChannelEngine account. If you don’t have an account yet, request it here. 


To install the ChannelEngine extension:


  1. On ChannelEngine, make sure your ChannelEngine extension plugin is up and running.
  2. Under the Settings section, in the URL field, enter your Akeneo PIM URL.
  3. In the Plugin specific settings section, configure the following attributes that are mapped from Akeneo attributes:
  • Category key - the preferred category tree root node key.
  • EAN/GTIN attribute code - the code of the EAN/GTIN attribute.
  • Name attribute code - the code of the name attribute.
  • Price attribute code - the code of the price attribute.
  • Stock attribute code - the code of the stock attribute.
  • Description attribute code - the code of the description attribute.
  • Attribute scope - the preferred scope of the attribute.


  1. Under the Activation tab, switch on the Activate synchronization for Akeneo toggle.

Installation - Akeneo

  1. On Akeneo, accept the required authorization request from ChannelEngine. Note that ChannelEngine uses Akeneo in read-only mode, it does not modify your product catalog.

To set the required permissions, next to the View field, select All under the following sections: Category trees, Locales, and Attribute groups.