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Version: 1.10
Bee is a SaaS platform that offers a quality content gas pedal. Thanks to its API connectivity to Akeneo and its OpenAI-based engine, it is possible to translate, enrich and mass-produce products in a few steps. Free up your teams' time by preparing the content work.

Bee is the ultimate SaaS platform for content production. With its API connectivity to Akeneo and OpenAI / Google Gemini -based engine, Bee makes it easy to translate, enrich, rephrase and mass-produce products in a few simple steps.

Free up your team's time by preparing the content work and moderate it before publication on your sales channels.  Bee offers a powerful platform that is easy to use and requires no additional setup. Use your existing product data model to create your prompts with API connection to your PIM.

Create as many prompts as necessary, connect as many environments as you want, choose the best model (GPT 3.5, GPT-4 Turbo, Google Gemini, Google Gemini Pro 1.5) for each prompt and automate the launch of your configured patterns. With Bee, you can quickly and easily create quality content that is ready to be published on your sales channels.

Get the most out of your content production with Bee's powerful SaaS platform. No data (neither the data model nor the data) is stored in the Bee platform, only the transit of the data is done.

NEW : Enrich your content based on your asset collection ! (see Release note)


Limitations :

  • A contract with openAI / Google Gemini is required on the client side

Performance :

  • The application is able to fill between 50 and 100 values per minute (depending on the size of the values and the response time of openAI)
Release notes
Feature List : Akeneo PIM data managed by the extension
Feature List : Extension settings
Feature List : Extension capabilities