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Composition Attribute by EIKONA Media

Version: 1.0.0
This new attribute allows you to define the composition of values in a product. A simple example of this could be the percentage composition of color values ( e.g. 20% red, 70% green, 10% black) , ingredients (protein 17gr, salt 1gr, sugar 5gr, vitamin 3gr) or material properties (e.g. 25% cotton, 75% polyester) for a product. Due to the extensive configuration options, it is also possible to use this attribute for a lot more other scenarios.

The Composition attribute for Akeneo by EIKONA Media GmbH (www.eikona-media.de) extends your Akeneo backend with an additional attribute that allows you to create your products in an even more structured way through numerous setting options.

This attribute allows you to store arbitrary values and their composition on a product in a structured and flexible way. Thus this attribute can be configured and used for the following scenarios. (Of course, these are only a few examples where the attribute is already used. Many other possibilities are conceivable and can easily be realized by using one's own reference data.)


Since we have developed the attribute very flexible and configurable, it can also be combined with your own reference data and freely define the unit of measurement (e.g. percent, centimeter, millimeter, kilogramm, gramm, etc.). The possibilities of the values to be captured and their distribution are therefore almost limitless.

Example 1: Colors for products (fashion area):

If you want to describe the colors of a garment (T-shirt, trousers, shoes, etc.), you can link the attribute with your reference data module for color values. Then you can simply select the desired color and the percentage distribution of this color in the product (e.g. 20% red, 70% green, 10% black).

EIKONA Composition Attribute for Akeneo

Example 2: Ingredients of an product (food area):

With this attribute, the ingredients for a product can be very easily entered to create corresponding nutrition tables (e.g. calorific value/energy 368 kcal, protein 13.5 g, carbohydrates 58.7 g, fat 7.0 g).

EIKONA Composition Attribute for Akeneo


  • Link the attribute with any reference data (colors, material, ingredients, etc.)
  • Define any unit per attribute (e.g. percent %, kilogram kg, centimeter cm)
  • Specify how many entries should be allowed per attribute
  • Define threshold values for minimum and maximum values

Contact and Support

Simply contact us to learn more about the integration possibilities and benefits of this attribute. We can also arrange a free web session to show you the attribute live.

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