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Connect your Contao CMS with Akeneo's PIM software and import products, attributes, categories from Akeneo to your website, landing pages or any other web-based product presentation. The Contao-Akeneo connector links the Isotope eCommerce extension for Contao via interface with the product information management system of Akeneo.


Out of the box, the following data can be exported from Akeneo to Contao CMS:

  • Products
  • Categories
  • Attributes
  • Images
  • Product families
  • Cross-Selling-Articles

The export is performed automatically and synchronises changes in Akeneo with Contao according to the configured synchronisation time.

Contact and Support

Simply contact us to learn more about the integration possibilities and benefits of this connector. We can also arrange a free web session to show you the connector live.


Installation - Getting Started

The connector is a private PHP package that can be installed in a Contao project (version 4.4 or higher) using composer. To do this, you have to enter a repository named by EIKONA Media in the composer.json of the project.



"repositories": [{

"type": "composer",

"url": "" }]


Afterwards, you can install the package "Akeneo Connector" via the Contao manager (see: https:// or you can execute the following command via the console:

php composer.phar require eikona-media/contao-isotope-akeneo-tessa-connector

If not already installed, the store extension Isotope will be installed automatically during the installation. Since for the product import from Akeneo the data structure of this extension is used!


Connection settings

The configuration of the connector connection is done in the Contao backend via System > Settings.


Alternatively you can add the settings to config/config.yml or config/parameters.yml with the following parameters.
Some parameters are easier to maintain via the backend!

configuration yml

Add category page

The Contao page structure is used to import the categories. However, you have to define the root node in the page tree.

To do this, you need to add a page or folder in the Contao backend via the menu item Site structure (for this you need the extension Folder page) and activate the option 'akeneo root category':

Add category page


In addition, the language must be defined in the page structure at the starting point of a website as a five-digit code analogous to the akeneo settings - e.g. for English en-US or for German de-DE .

Cronjob for the import

A cronjob with the following path must be created to process the queue:

php vendor/bin/contao-console eikona-media:queue:execute

It is also advisable to perform a complete import once a night. However, this is only recommended for a manageable number of products!

php vendor/bin/contao-console eikona-media:akeneo:all:import

Start import

Once you have made the necessary settings, you can start the import for the first time. The import can be started either from the console or from the Contao backend.

The order of the imports must be respected due to the chicken and egg problem, so we recommend the import via the console!

Import via console

The following commands exist for import via the console:

Command for entire import


Imports all data from Akeneo

Individual import commands

  • eikona-media:akeneo:product:import
    • Imports the products from Akeneo, including attribute values
  • eikona-media:akeneo:category:import 
    • Imports the categories into the page tree
  • eikona-media:akeneo:attribute:import
    • Imports the attributes from Akeneo, with the correct matched types into Contao
  • eikona-media:akeneo:product:family:import
    • Imports the product families from Akeneo, into the product types in Contao/Isotope, takes over the attributes
  • eikona-media:akeneo:category:related:import 
    • Imports the associations from Akeneo into Contao
  • eikona-media:akeneo:product:related:import
    • Relates the association products from Akeneo to the isotope products

The import for all data is also executable via the backend - at the respective entities is an akeneo import button. Only the product:related:import is a bit of an exception, this is only accessible via a linked product record, but imports all product links, instead of those of the selected product!

Reset isotope command

CAUTION: Do not execute in productive mode! 

  • eikona-media:isotope:reset
    • Empties all isotope tables and empties the folder isotope as well as the set asset import folder.

Import via the Contao backend

In the Contao backend, there are a few necessary places to trigger an akeneo import.

Import via Contao backend

The following order is necessary for the first import:

  1. categories (Layout > Site structure)

  2. attributes (Isotope > Store configuration > Attributes)

  3. product families (Isotope > Store configuration > product types)

  4. products (Isotope > Product management)

  5. related categories (Isotope > Store configuration > Related categories)

  6. related products (Isotope > Product management > at product "related products" - imports


For better performance each import is first queued in the backend, so that the actual process can be handled asynchronously by the system.

CAUTION: For the processing of the queue, the cronjob must be created! 

Configure Isotope

For the configuration of Isotope we refer to the official manual of the extension:

Documentation files

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