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ContentWise Catalog Builder
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Automatically enrich the products in your catalog with ContentWise AI and forget about everything else. ContentWise Catalog Builder is the AI software that automatically generates attributes and natural text for in any language for your products!

With this connector you can easily connect your Akeneo PIM with ContentWise Catalog Builder and keep in sync both platforms!

How to do it?

You just have to add an attribute named Showroom Enrichment to all the products you want to be transferred and enriched by your ContentWise Catalog Builder AI. 
Once the products are approved on ContentWise Catalog Builder, the connector will collect them and update their product attributes directly in Akeneo PIM. 
No more time wasted manually inserting data across your systems!

Main Benefits:

  • Easy product transfer

    The ContentWise Catalog Builder Connector allows you to re-use your Akeneo data model structure to build your catalogue from a completely empty ContentWise deployment in minutes.
  • Attribute Mapping

    Let the connector create copy all existing Akeneo attributes in ContentWise Catalog Builder automatically. It is also possible to skip irrelevant Akeneo attributes. You will find all the relevant attributes directly in your ContentWise Catalog Builder installation.
  • Avoid manual syncing between systems

    With this connector, you no longer need to add attributes in both systems. You can just add them on Akeneo, and let the systems re-sync during products import/export.
  • Completely SaaS

    The connector is a full SaaS service that connects these platforms using only API. No provisioning required, no custom code!

Get in touch with the ContentWise team to know more about the possibilities, and the business model or setting up a demo of the ContentWise Catalog Builder Connector.

Rasha Mozil
+39 3401632571


Contact your ContentWise support team that will guide you throw the setup of the connector.

All you have to do in your Akeneo is:

  • Go to your Akeneo installation, click Connect > Connection Settings > Create new connectionGo to Connection sectionCreate Connection
  • Assign the role and permission to read/write the attributes that you want to be transferred between then systemsAdd permissions


  • In Settings > Attributes, create a multiselect attribute named Showroom Enrichment, add it to all the products you want to transfer and set it to 1Add attribute Showroom EnrichmentAdd attribute Showroom Enrichment


The ContentWise support team will then help you:

  • Add the Exported status to your ContentWise deploymentAdd Exported_akeneo status


  • Set the import/export scheduling between the system