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Version: 1.0
Translate & localize your Akeneo product content with Crowdin. Set up Akeneo integration in Crowdin to automate content sync without copy-pasting and manual work. Translators will access the latest content in Crowdin, and you’ll get translations in your Akeneo account.

Translate & localize your Akeneo content with Crowdin

Crowdin is a cloud-based localization software with 2M+ user accounts. With Crowdin, teams and companies can create multilingual products and communications with customers. Grow your business by reaching people who speak different languages. People from over 160 countries use Crowdin to translate & localize their software, mobile and desktop apps, games, websites, help articles, marketing communications, and other content.

Crowdin x Akeneo Connector allows you to synchronize content directly from Akeneo to Crowdin in a few clicks. With Crowdin integration for Akeneo, you can automate the delivery of translation files from Akeneo to Crowdin and translations from Crowdin to Akeneo on schedule. Automate your work without manually exporting and importing files. Translate products, product models, families, family variants, attributes, attribute groups, association types, categories, reference entities, and assets.

Translations in Crowdin can be done by your in-house team, machine translation engines, and external vendors from Crowdin Marketplace.

Crowdin x Akeneo Connector features
  • Manual content synchronization 
  • Auto-sync of source content and translations.
  • Visual editor with a file preview for translators.
  • Quick sync and translation of even minor content updates, like a new sentence or a changed word.
Release notes
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