Data sheet service – Akeneo meets priint

Developed by Priint
Akeneo Business Partner
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Enterprise Edition (SaaS) Supported
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Price: €6000.00


The power of an automated publishing system at your fingertips

1. Select one of our ready to use data sheet templates. Custom data sheets can be produced by our services when needed (quote based).
2. Add 3 attributes to your Akeneo PIM, so that users can trigger the creation of data sheets on the fly.
3. Manage your data sheet product data in your Akeneo PIM. Not to worry, we will help you define or add the necessary attributes.
4. From a product, change one single priint attributes. All done.

Via web services, your product data will be sent to our cloud-based priint:suite server. A PDF data sheet file will be created matching your selected data sheet template. The PDF file will then be sent back to your Akeneo server, the PDF will be added as a Media linked to the product.

You can create as many versions, products, languages, data sheets as you want.

Release notes

Version 1.0 (Oct 2020)

All Akeneo attributes can be used to populate your data sheets in all languages :



- Price,

- Image,

- Asset collection,

- Boolean,

- Reference Entity (label or image only) etc. except “Reference data fields”

For more information, see documentation.



No installation is needed on the Akeneo server.

Priint specific attributes will need to be added, this can be done by yourself, your Akeneo system integration of the Akeneo technical team.

Technical background

The priint data sheet service for AKENEO works via web services between your AKENEO PIM server and the priint:suite server also hosted in the cloud.

In order for the service to work, and to allow you to trigger the creation of datasheets for products when needed, you will need to have a Refence Entity to select the Template and  add 3 print specific localized attributes to your AKENEO PIM + a File localized field to get the PDF back.

1) Print templates

In the attribute, the list of templates available to your users will be displayed (single link to the Reference Entity).

2) Status

This attribute will allow you to view the status of the print process. It is here also that users will be able to trigger the creation of a new data-sheet.

Values will be :

  • Start PDF generation
  • PDF generation in progress
  • PDF generated
  • Error during PDF generation

3) PDF generation log

In this attribute, users can see if the generation of the PDF was successful or if an error was encountered.

Detailed documentation is available upon request, at the beginning of subscription, to guide you in configuration required.


In order to connect your Akeneo server to our priint:suite server, priint group will need API credentials. We will need the following information from customers:

  • URL to your Akeneo system
  • Credentials (user & password) of a user who can view and edit the fields defined above + read all other data.
  • API secret key
  • API Client ID


Choose from a selection of 8 standard, ready-to-use templates.

A catalog with preview and description of these templates is available for review and selection.

Minor changes are possible within the standard subscription fees.

A checklist and configuration file will be exchanged between our services and the customer for preparation of this template for your Akeneo server.

This document will explain in detail the configuration of each template, it will list the different attributes used in the layout.

The customer will need to return this checklist with logos, information and name of their akeneo attributes.

One time set-up fee for this service : 750 eu


If you prefer to use your own data sheet templates and layout, this is also possible.

In this case, the following will be required :

- Native InDesign file (version of InDesign used)

- All font used in the InDesign file (must be universal fonts capable of running on a Windows server)

- A PDF export of your data sheet

- All images used in your datasheet as static images

(ideal is to use the Adobe InDesign "create package" to deliver all files to us)

Detailed documentation is available for this type of request.

Set up fees :

Adapting your product sheet to priint automation will be quote based.

The efforts will depend on the complexity of your custom product sheet.