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Translate Akeneo data easily with this straightforward Translation App for Akeneo.

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The DeepL App by Induxx is an Akeneo App that allows users to translate Akeneo entities such as product text and text areas, attributes, options, families and categories using the Deepl API. This app provides an easy and convenient way for users to translate their Akeneo entities into multiple languages, enabling them to expand their reach and better serve their customers.


Translation of Akeneo entities such as products, attributes, and categories Integration with the DeepL API for high-quality translations Support for multiple languages Easy to use interface for selecting entities and languages.


  1. Select your source locale and destination locale.
  2. Select your text & text area attributes or your labels of Akeneo attributes, categories, options and families.
  3. Run the task to translate.

And that's it! Via Akeneo's API your data is translated on each empty destination field.

Note: To use the DeepL API, you will need to have a valid DeepL API key. You can obtain a DeepL API key by signing up for a DeepL account.


The DeepL app is a useful tool for Akeneo users who want to easily translate their entities into multiple languages. With its integration with the DeepL API, users can be confident in the quality of the translations produced by the app. Overall, it is a convenient and straightforward way to expand the reach and improve the customer experience.

Feature list

Latest update: January 19, 2023

Akeneo PIM data managed by the extension

Product type

  • Simple product More info
  • Product model (Product with variations) More info

Product attribute - textual information

Product structure - textual information

  • Options for simple and multi select More info
  • Categories More info
  • Attribute groups More info
    Not available

Reference entities properties - textual information

Reference entity records - textual information

Reference entity records structure

Assets - textual information

Asset structure

Extension settings

  • Defining the source/default language
  • Defining the translation due date
    Not available
  • Tracking translation progress
  • Extension capabilities

    Scalability and performance

    • Capability to manage large PIM data volume/complexity (or known limits) More info
    • Capability to manage PIM data synchronization time in an optimized way (Time-to-market oriented) More info

    Release notes

    # V0.1.0
    + release: deepl app
    + queued process support
    + multi queue process support 
    + deploy redis for change management
    - short session fix / loading page
    - support page (deepl)
    - contact page (deepl)
    - docs page (deepl)
    - openid 'fetch email' new
    - UI guide (deepl)
    - set a version for deepl
    - remove home/dashboard goto first app
    - show operations queue status
    - dumb-down versie vd crons select between std crons
    - cleanup operations strategy


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