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Version: 1.0
Doculians, Cloud Publishing Systems Paginate all your data, in professional grade documents like product sheets, technical sheets, labels, flyers. Doculians can use your own design from an Adobe InDesign file or provide some ready to run templates.

Doculians, Cloud Publishing Systems

Effortlessly paginate and publish professional-grade documents with Doculians.

Create product sheets, technical sheets, labels, and flyers in record time. Whether you use your own designs or our ready-to-run templates, Doculians ensures flawless document production. Experience the convenience of automatic or manual selections for seamless document creation and updates.

Fully compatible with Akeneo PIM Edition, Doculians guarantees a smooth integration process. Enjoy the freedom of using InDesign templates without technical constraints. Craft complex compositions with tables, lists, visuals, legends, and pictograms effortlessly.

Download or automatically transfer generated files (PDF, JPG and native Adobe InDesign) using the Akeneo PIM API. Doculians streamlines your workflow from start to finish. Transform your print publishing process with Doculians. Achieve print excellence with ease.

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Feature List : Akeneo PIM data/properties
Feature List : Connector/App capabilities