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Drupaneo is a suite of Drupal modules allowing integration between Drupal / Drupal Commerce and Akeneo. By combining the flexibility of Drupal and the richness of Akeneo it becomes easy to build reliable and powerful e-commerce solution.

How it works

Out of the box, Drupaneo module for Drupal is capable of connecting and importing product information from an Akeneo instance using its REST APIs. Each product information read from Akeneo is dispatched using Drupal builtin event system.

These events can be handled with specific code by subscribing to them or using Drupaneo companion modules : Drupaneo standalone which adds custom entities matching Akeneo data model, or Drupaneo commerce which maps Akeneo model to Drupal Commerce one.

Drupal 8 modules

  • Drupaneo : adds settings and product synchronization form.
  • Drupaneo standalone : synchronizes Akeneo products to Drupaneo custom entities.
  • Drupaneo commerce : synchronizes Akeneo products to Drupal Commerce 2.x entities.


  • Drupal 8.x.
  • Drupal Commerce 2.x by Commerce Guys (required only by Drupaneo commerce).



Release notes

This release allows only basic product synchronization.

Further releases will allow more complex use cases.



Install with Composer

$ composer require 'drupal/drupaneo:1.x-dev'

Once installed and enabled in your Drupal backoffice, Drupaneo entry will be added to the main menu. Drupaneo is now ready to be configured.



In Drupaneo > Settings, enter your Akeneo instance url, user credentials and API client id / secret.

If the connection is successful, you'll be allowed to chose the scope and minimum completeness required during your product synchronization.

Product synchronization

If you enabled one of Drupaneo standalone or Drupaneo commerce modules, you'll be able to start synchronizing Akeneo products to your Drupal instance.

In Drupaneo > Synchronization click on "Synchronize Akeneo Products". That's all !