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Trilix is very excited to announce our new Akeneo PIM add-on for Google Sheets which gives the power to work with Akeneo PIM data in Google Sheets. The add-on is available for free on the G-Suite marketplace.

Main benefits:

  • Pull data from Akeneo via REST API in real-time
  • Boost your efficiency when working with Google Sheets
  • Makes it easy to report, monitor and analyze your Akeneo data in Google Sheets (Analyze your business data with Explore in Google Sheets)
  • No needs to export data from Akeneo manually




Go to the Google Suite Marketplace and press "Install".

To get started click on Add-ons → Akeneo PIM → Open


Google Suite administrator might need to activate access to Google spreadsheets add-ons for the users. Read more


Connection with Akeneo PIM

To be able to use Akeneo PIM for Sheets add-on first of all we need to generate OAuth cliend id and secret on Akeneo PIM side.

To do this, go to the System menu of your PIM and select the API connections entry.

From here, you can click on the Create button. Give a name to the connection you are about to create and confirrm. The PIM will then automatically create credentials for you, that you will find in the API connections grid

Manage the API connection

More information about Akeneo PIM API connections management can be found here.

After you created API connection on Akeneo PIM side you can start to use Akeneo PIM to Sheets add-on.

Akeneo PIM to Google Sheets add-on

Data Import

Currently next entities can be imported to Google Sheets:

  • Categories
  • Families
  • Attributes
  • Attribute Options
  • Attribute Groups
  • Products
  • Product Models
  • Channels
  • Locales
  • Currencies
  • Association Types

All entities are imported in the format which is compatible with Akeneo PIM structure.

After you import Akeneo PIM data to Google Sheets, edit them, you can export them to CSV file(s) and import to Akeneo PIM back.

Currently Products and Product Models data is limited (attributes values are not included). We plan to add this in the future.

Data Analysis

Analyze your Akeneo PIM data with Explore in Google Sheets.

When you have easier access to data—and can figure out what it means quickly—you can solve problems for your business faster.

You might use Explore in Sheets to analyze different aspects of your data. Explore in Sheets can help you track down this information, and more importantly, visualize it.

Getting started is easy. Just click the “Explore” button on the bottom right corner of your screen in Sheets. Type in a question about your data in the search box and Explore responds to your query.

Google Explore


  • Add attribute values for imported Product and Product Models
  • Filters for Data Import
  • Support for Akeneo PIM Enterprise entities
  • A way to refresh the spreadsheet data based on a schedule
  • A way to create data in Akeneo PIM from spreadsheet
  • A way to import Akeneo data in a spreadsheet, make changes and push them back