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Developed by Hypernode by Byte
Akeneo PIM compatibility
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Price: €169.00


Hypernode by Byte is the first hoster that offers managed Akeneo hosting. We've engineered and optimized our Hypernodes to host Akeneo, giving you the best setup for running both your CMS and Akeneo. Benefit from top-of-the-line cloudinfrastructure, and a softwarestack that comes preconfigured for hosting Akeneo, complete with built-in CLI-tools to make your life easier. You will benefit from all the advantages the Hypernode platform offers by means of security, stability, availability and guaranteed performance. 

Designed for speed In today’s crowded e-commerce landscape, customers expect a smooth online shopping experience. Thanks to our Akeneo optimized software stack you'll ensure they do.

A caring support team We’re with you every step of your e-commerce journey. Together, we solve your toughest problems and grow your business.

Developer-friendly We've simplified the essentials of managing your environments via our Control Panel and a comprehensive API. It's all there to make a developer's life easier.

Security made easy Intelligent bad bot blocking, integrated brute force protection, pro-active malware scanner and much more security features that keep a store safe and secure.

Peace of mind Our fully managed platform is being actively monitored 24/7. We make problems go away before they're even there. Sit back and relax you're being taken care off. 

Flexible contracts At Hypernode we believe you should have the freedom to change your contract any time you want. Pay as you go, no set-up fees, 24//7 up and downgrading by yourself, no strings attached.

Read more at https://www.hypernode.com/akeneo-cloud-hosting/

Release notes

Our development team is improving the platform continuously. Releases and changes are documented at https://www.hypernode.com/changelog/