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At Intelligent Reach, we fulfil Brands and Retailers high-growth ambition by making data feed optimization, content experimentation and marketplaces management a breeze.  

We are the intuitive Product Marketing Platform to share beautifully curated product data feeds, optimised with actionable insights and experimentation, enabling delivery of extraordinary result. 

We enable digital teams to hit and exceed their revenues and profitability goals, by easily visualising, validating, correcting and optimising product data feeds at scale.  We clearly show you critical errors or missing attributes for you to rapidly identify and fix, improving data quality, preventing lost sales.  

We empower you to stay ahead of the competition, by getting granular in your analysis without losing sight of the big picture, enhancing the value of your work and your products. Run A/B and multivariate tests in a matter of minutes, testing titles, categories and images, making product performance down to science, not guesswork. Visualize sales and performance metrics in the same platform for incredibly precise analysis. Easily implement winning changes and launch campaigns, in turn drastically increasing your offsite product performances. 

We simplify the complexity of your cross-channel online retail strategy by giving you rapid access to 1400+ global channels and marketplaces in one platform without the need to wait on your IT queues, seamlessly syncing your inventory across channels, in turn, building enriched customer experience.  

And we get you started immediately. 



We connect with Akeneo solely through the Akeneo API.  To connect our platforms all that is required is for the retailer to create an API user following these instructions: