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Keepeek Digital Asset Management system for Akeneo

Version: 1.0
Keepeek is a DAM solution in SaaS with extensive integration options and a documented REST API. Keepeek can integrate with both Akeneo Community and Enterprise Editions.

Keepeek can provide two types of connectors for Akeneo PIM

1- An API Connector
  • Set up an automatic link between assets from Keepeek and the PIM product sheets
  • Synchronize data from your PIM into your DAM and the other way around
  • Automatically generate all specific formats you require for dissemination through your PIM and other channels
2- A custom asset picker (not compatible with Serenity)
  • Access the DAM content directly from Akeneo PIM. The Keepeek plugin gives you the opportunity to search, select and include assets in your PIM
  • Crop images and include the cropped images directly in Akeneo PIM like a regular asset
Additional value for confidentiality/reveal management available in both connectors

Keepeek can handle asset confidentiality and automatically blur images as long as they remain confidential. It is still possible to include them in Akeneo where they remain blurred. When the product is finally launched, the images automatically appear clearly at the exact date and time the confidentiality is lifted. 

Client references with Akeneo connector
  • Renault Group
  • Oxybul / Okaïdi / Obaïbi (ID Kids Group)

What else can you do with Keepeek?

Keepeek provides integrations with other tools: photo shoot solutions, eCommerce platforms, Web to print, YouTube, MDM, retail databases and more. 

Keepeek is a simple and user-friendly DAM, available in seven languages. With Keepeek, you can:

  • upload assets by drag & drop
  • manage all file types (images, videos, pdf, office documents, 3D, 360° videos, zip files, InDesign files and so on)
  • enrich the asset data by batch
  • search in full text, filters, folders and advanced search
  • share asset selections in a secure space
  • generate specific asset formats automatically
  • use collaborative features such as Kanban boards, workflows, comments, likes/dislikes buttons & labels
  • chapter videos, add subtitles in one or several languages
  • manage user and asset rights
  • manage file versions and compare versions
  • embed image galleries and video playlists on websites
  • analyze how assets are used with extensive statistics
  • access your DAM content from your day-to-day tools (Microsoft Office, Google Drive, Adobe Creative Suite, Drupal, etc.)
  • manage model releases and contracts with photographers, agencies and models.

Further information

Find out more at https://www.keepeek.com/en

About Keepeek 

Keepeek was created in 2008 in Paris. Keepeek provides DAM solutions to all types or organizations, large or small, with references such as Airbus, PSA Group, Orange, Renault Group, the OECD, Groupe Yves Rocher, Galeries Lafayette, La Redoute, Hublot, Solvay, Club Med and many others. 


Keepeek has their own team of integrators to develop custom scripts and other developments according to specific needs. Our team can develop new Keepeek connectors for other Akeneo versions on demand.


Get in touch to learn about the Keepeek integration possibilities with Akeneo and more at contact@keepeek.com



Feature List : PIM EE compatibility with asset manager
Feature List : PIM CE/GE compatibility
Feature List : Both ways metadata synchronization