Magento 2 Seamless Integration Bundle

Developed by Induxx NV
Akeneo Solution Partner
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Looking for the perfect Akeneo PIM bundle to manage your Magento 2 products?
Look no further, you have found thé solution!

We help you manage and export your products and catalog to your Magento 2 e-commerce environment in a user-friendly way.
We do this through a seamless integration between Akeneo PIM and Magento Commerce.
You make sure your catalog meets all requirements within the Akeneo environment, the connector does the rest!

Our bundle was designed to push data from Akeneo PIM towards Magento 2 using standard API endpoints.
What other way to guarantee the data responsibility remains at Akeneo PIM?
Configuration and logging remain solely on Akeneo PIM.
No Magento interventions needed!

Why choose the Magento 2 Seamless Integration Bundle?

  • 100% integrated in Akeneo PIM.
  • Data responsibility lies 100% within Akeneo PIM.
  • No middleware needed which avoids additional costs (hosting, maintenance...) and risks (inherent to an extra server).
  • Clear central logging within a familiar Akeneo PIM UI.
  • Compatible with the standard API endpoints of Magento 2.
  • Use of Magento 2 RabbitMQ queueing.
  • Optimised synchronisation through queueing/caching for unprecedented performance (proven track record thanks to 10+ client setups).
  • Little to no Magento 2 knowledge required.
  • No Magento 2 interventions required.
  • Multiple Magento 2 websites/stores support.
  • Multiple Magento 2 domains support (easily control multiple Magento 2 domains from one Akeneo PIM instance).
  • Full-fledged support for all Akeneo PIM entities:
    • Categories
      • including category attributes i.c.w. Induxx Category Attributes bundle
    • Families
    • Attribute groups
      • including restructuring the Magento backend on demand
    • Attributes
      • including measurements/metrics support
      • including reference data (CE) and reference entities (EE) support when installing our Magento 2 extension
      • including extensive configuration possibilities regarding product titles, urls, SEO... E.g. specific control of configurable/variant value of the same Magento 2 attribute based on 2 Akeneo PIM attributes.
    • Attribute options
      • including targeted delta updates on labels
    • Products
      • configurables, variants, virtual & simple products support
      • grouped/bundle products support with Magento 2 extension
    • Images + image roles
      • both for standard image attributes and assets (EE)
      • including performant reliable renewals
    • File support in combination with Induxx Assets Cloud Storage bundle
    • Associations
      • UPSELL
      • CROSS SELL
      • RELATED
  • Extensive DELTA export logic on families, attributes, attribute options.
  • Also supports product exports according to the above logic where only those families, attributes, attribute options... are created/renewed which would still be missing/different in Magento.
  • Quick export functionality to enable targeted ad hoc interventions.
  • Automatic export logic based on trusted export jobs with respect for Akeneo principles such as completeness, locale selection...
    • including batch size determination (in the interest of performance).
  • Advanced personalization possibilities in Magento 2 thanks to automatic creation of Akeneo status and meta attributes.
  • Smart product status flow with adjustable distinction between creation and update flows. Say goodbye to 0 price products!
  • Central overview of technical mappings between Akeneo PIM and Magento 2 with extensive filter options.
  • Fastest startup with already existing Magento 2 environments thanks to mapping guesser functionality for all entities.
  • Optimal security thanks to the Induxx Credentials Manager bundle (no database storage, easy rotation options)
  • Easy test setup thanks to included Icecat fixture demo data.
  • Equipped with clear documentation ( and fully customisable as always.