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Magento Akeneo Module

Version: 4.0.0
Connect your Magento Store built on Magento 1.9 platform with Akeneo PIM software and export products, attributes, categories from Akeneo to your online shop.


Magento Akeneo PIM Module: With the help of this module, you can connect your Magento store with the Akeneo PIM software and manage thousands of products easily. You can push data from Akeneo into the Magento 1 store. It works with simple, and configurable types of products. The module also exports the categories, attributes, configurable variations, attribute set/families, and much more.

Note - Please select Enterprise Edition option in case you are using Magento Enterprise Edition.

Magento Akeneo PIM Module is compatible with Community Edition, Enterprise Edition, and Cloud (PaaS/Flexibility) Edition of Akeneo.


  • Connect Multiple Magento Instances By providing Credential in Jobs.
  • Can map SKU and can use another identifier except for SKU.
  • Add currency mapping store view wise
  • Can map two or more store views with the same locale
  • Mapping for images
  • Mapping for custom attributes
  • Export Categories from Akeneo to Magento 1
  • Export Attributes and Attribute options from Akeneo to Magento 1
  • Export Family from Akeneo to Magento 1 as Attributes set
  • Export Products from Akeneo to Magento 1
  • Export Variations and Attribute values for the product from Akeneo to Magento 1
  • Export Product Images

Documentation - https://webkul.com/blog/magento-akeneo-pim-connector/

Live Demo - https://akeneo-magento1.webkul.com/demo.html


For any query or issue please create a support ticket at - Webkul Support Ticket

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