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StrikeTru’s fully integrated MediaValet connector for Akeneo PIM bridges the gap between product data and rich media by creating an automatic sync between PIM and DAM. This allows you to take control of omnichannel content with a fully integrated PIM & DAM solution. The connector is compatible with all Akeneo PIM editions – Community, Growth, Enterprise (On-Premise, Cloud Flexibility, and Cloud Serenity) and StrikeTru's smallPIM.  

DAM Connector for Akeneo PIM

Connector Features: 

o    Eliminate Content Siloes 

Seamlessly sync product information between Akeneo and MediaValet


o    Optimize Discoverability 

Establish a single-source-of-truth for all your product data and digital assets


o    Scale Your Commerce Strategy 

Quickly deliver product and branded content across all marketing channels


Key Benefits:  

Effortlessly sync your product data

o    Automatically transfer product data and digital assets between MediaValet and Akeneo

o    Auto-link digital assets to SKUs in Akeneo based on metadata within MediaValet


Automate your team’s workflow

o    Ensure all published assets are approved and up-to-date by leveraging MediaValet’s version control

o    Systematically organize, manage and enrich digital assets with relevant product data


Elevate your customer experience

o    Ensure compelling content is shared with your customers at the right time – across every channel 

o    Increase customer confidence with high-resolution, accurate product details and visuals


Additional Information

MediaValet DAM (the fastest, easiest and most secure cloud DAM on the planet!) -

StrikeTru (leading provider of PIM/MDM/DAM/eCommerce implementations, expert solution consulting, fully managed services, digital content acquisition, syndication services, cloud PIM/MDM/DAM, data connectors, PIM in a Box solutions) -

Contact information 

Vik Gundoju

Phone: +1 832 303 3257


Release notes

StrikeTru will do the initial setup and deployment as an extension of  the client’s IT team
StrikeTru will also train the customer so they can do it themselves going forward

V1.0 Released 01/2/2021

  • Can be deployed on-premise. Also available as a cloud hosted offering.
  • MediaValet PIM connector's current version is API based and currently transfers images to the Image attributes only. It does not transfer asset files to the Enterprise Edition Asset Collection attribute.



Installation Instructions


1. Install Java JDK 1.8 on a Linux or Windows server of your choice. For example, see link below for instructions on how to install JDK 1.8 on an Ubuntu box.

Contact to obtain the latest version of an executable JAR file and connector configuration files

2. Deploy the jar file and configuration files in a designated folder (say /path/to/connector/)

3. Setup a cron entry to run the connector on a scheduled basis


Remove Installation


1. Delete /path/to/connector/ folder

2. Delete cron entry


Configuration Instructions


1) Update to configure the following:

    - MediaValet URL and API credentials

    - Akeneo URL and API credentials

2) Configure the following connector settings in dev_config.yml

    - MediaValet asset categories to read

    - Image size to download from MediaValet

    - # Images to transfer to PIM

    - Which PIM attribute is the SKU identifier

    - MediaValet Asset Type to PIM attribute mapping

3) Configure the following custom attributes in MediaValet

    - Asset Type (dropdown)

    - SKU

    - Sequence #

4) Setup the following cron entry to start sync'ing assets and meta-data:

## Sync digital assets once a day, 5am ##

* 5 * * * java -jar /path/to/connector/ mediavalet2akeneo-1.0.jar