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Pim2catalog GE - InDesign connector with flatplan

Version: 1.0
Pim2catalog Global Edition is the tool of marketing services to speed-up the conception of print catalogs. Directly connected to Akeneo, you can send your information quickly into InDesign and create very easily your catalog

Pim2catalog  The print interface for Akeneo PIM Pim2catalog allows automation of the design of product catalogs, price lists, advertising, product sheets, newsletters.

  • Create, edit and manage all the print and digital catalog of your company
  • Select and place Akeneo products in pages
  • Freedom to choose and create layouts: models completely configurable by the users
  • Management of the variants, languages, currencies, customers price lists
  • Creativity preserved, all types of layout can be automated
  • Industrialization of the design of catalogs to save time and quality
  • A single application: savings on infrastructure and maintenance. Pim2catalog is a module integrated into Akeneo PIM
  • Decrease of the time-to-market, collaborative and in-parallel work
  • Ease and safety of the products information updates and price lists
  • Less error, the published documents are of better quality
  • Significant saving of time on variants of catalogs
  • Product information is available for multiple supports
  • Decrease of the costs of design of catalogs print or digital
  • Complete automation for some publications: data sheets, in-store advertising, packagings.

For every job its tool:
Akeneo for the product managers, Pim2catalog for the marketing department and InDesign for the graphic designers

Installed at the heart of Akeneo PIM and developed with the same standards, Pim2catalog benefits from a natural handling.
AKENEO PIM, agile, effective and user-friendly. And now thanks to Pim2catalog to design print catalogs without leaving Akeneo interface.

  • The tools of catalog management are integrated into the Akeneo interface
  • No problem of transfer of data, repeated information, choice of accommodation, Pim2catalog is inside Akeneo
  • No more training, the users already know the interface of Akeneo well
  • Open source software, developed with Symfony2 as Akeneo.

Savings on infrastructures, on training, on maintenance, everything is integrated. Discover our amazing solution on our dedicated website : www.pim2catalog.com You can complete this formular to immediatly receive a Pim2catalog overview video Pim2catalog can speed up and improve catalog production from products stored in Akeneo PIM Technical infos - Ready for Akeneo CE and EE version - Ready for Akeneo using MySQL or MongoDB - Ready for Akeneo with InnerVariationBundle - Ready for Adobe InDesign CS4 and newer - Ready to boost your print production !

Release notes
Feature List : Akeneo PIM data/properties
Feature List : Connector/App capabilities