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The Powerling x Akeneo App

The Powerling x Akeneo App allows you to easily translate your Akeneo product content to a large quantity of languages with a very simple process through human translators. No more copy and pasting, your workflow is optimized and all your product content is in one place !

This App allows you to translate Products, Product models, Product attributes, Product attribute options, Reference Entities and Asset attributes. It allows you to translate specific channels as well as specific translatable attributes (for product/product models)

Powerling guarantees the best quality control of your translations by our incountry teams (we have offices in 3 time-zones - Europe, Hong-Kong and Boston). Together, we make the world your playground !

Feature list

Latest update: January 10, 2023

Akeneo PIM data managed by the extension

Product type

  • Simple product More info
  • Product model (Product with variations) More info

Product attribute - textual information

  • Text More info
  • Text area More info
  • Table - textual information only More info

Product structure - textual information

  • Options for simple and multi select More info
  • Categories More info
    Not available
  • Attribute groups More info
    Not available

Reference entities properties - textual information

Reference entity records - textual information

  • Text attribute More info

Reference entity records structure

Assets - textual information

  • Text attribute More info

Asset structure

Extension settings

  • Defining the source/default language
  • Defining the translation due date
  • Tracking translation progress
  • Extension capabilities

    Scalability and performance

    • Capability to manage large PIM data volume/complexity (or known limits) More info
    • Capability to manage PIM data synchronization time in an optimized way (Time-to-market oriented) More info


    Getting started

    Simply open the App! On first launch, you will be required to provide with basic information in order to create your account at Powerling, after that phase is complete, you will be able to have your content translated in full autonomy.

    The translation request

    1. After your account has been approved by one of our agents, you will be able to pick an asset type to translate.
    2. There, you will be able to enlist the assets you want to send for translation
    3. Once complete, give your project a name, choose your source/trage language(s) and submit
    4. That's it! Your translation request is now submitted to Powerling for translation

    The translation delivery

    1. When the translation is complete, you get notified by email with a link to your completed translation request
    2. There, you may preview the translated content and, with the press of a button, push translated content to your Akeneo!