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Database Publishing with Adobe® Illustrator®

Let's connect your Adobe® Illustrator® file with your content system and together with our priint:comet plug-in for Illustrator® we automate the layout production. The plug-in opens up important print touchpoints and supports you in your work. Now you have more time for your creativity.

Why an automatic solution for Illustrator®?

The priint:comet Illustrator Plug-in is part of the print:suite and can be linked to all common PIM and content systems. The user then has live access to the data of the connected content system. But why is an automatic solution requires for Illustrator®?

  • Text and image information should subsequently be updated in an Illustrator® file supported by database
  • An Illustrator® file can be updated in different language with a single click
  • An Illustrator® template can be applied to hundreds of products with a single click
  • The user want to see at a a glance what information needs to be updated
  • The Illustrator® file can be provided with dynamic layout rules


In packaging production it has always been an expensive, manual, time consuming process to ensure all the relevant text and image detail is present and correct at the time of printing. If the PIM or Digital Asset Management system (DAM) is holding the latest information, but the packaging production process only features image picking plug-ins to Adobe® InDesign® or Illustrator®, then a trick is being missed. With the priint:comet Illustrator Plug-in the process will be automated with no limits to your creativity.

  • Maximize the customer experience: Packaging is an important component in product communication helping to build trust customers
  • Manual intervention of the file is drastically reduced, the processing productivity increased and so ultimately the time-to-market shortened
  • Unsystematic errors due to incorrect manual changes are eradicated

Proofing and Checking

When all the data managed in a PIM system or other database your team can update their content in it and you don't have correction cycles - Save time, money and nerves.

Shortens the Time-to-market

Manual intervention of the file is drastically reduced, the processing productivity increased and so ultimately the time-to-market shortened. the other Features and Benefits - get in contact with us. 


To deploy our Illustrator® plug-in we use an installer for every operating system supported by Adobe®, which are Windows and Mac.

Our plug-in currently supports the Adobe® Illustrator® versions CC 2018 and 2019.