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Version: 4.5.2
Productsup provides an award-winning platform for feed management, product content syndication, marketplace integration, and seller onboarding. The platform empowers businesses to take complete control of their product data and break through the digital walls that hinder growth.

Automate the way you adapt your data feeds for any destination, using Productsup’s pre-set, channel-specific templates, and artificial intelligence. Pick up the pace of distribution and send accurate, consistent, and compelling information to a wide range of marketplaces and channels in a fraction of the time.

Key features

  • No coding required with a user-friendly, business-focused, and powerful UI
  • Import and aggregate data from many sources in any data format
  • One-time automated mapping to save time and reduce time-to-market
  • Visual previews of your data to keep you in control
  • Syndicate to more than 1,500 channels, including an extensive list of marketplaces
  • Modify and Optimize your data for each distribution platform for maximum performance
  • Error monitoring with alerts and notifications via email or Slack
Feature List : Akeneo PIM data/properties
Feature List : Connector/App capabilities
Feature List : Data synchronization