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Shopify Akeneo Module

Version: 5.1.0
Connect your Shopify shop with Akeneo PIM and manage your product catalog data easily. Shopify Akeneo Module will enable you to export and import catalog data between Akeneo PIM platform to Shopify online shop. You can send and receive product data including images, categories, quantity, SEO, price, and much more. You can even filter the products which you want to export to Shopify.


Shopify Akeneo Module: With the help of this extension, you can connect a Shopify online store with Akeneo PIM. Akeneo PIM lets you manage catalog data for multiple channels. Shopify Akeneo Module will enable you to export and import catalog data between the Akeneo PIM platform to Shopify online shop. You can send and receive product data including images, categories, quantity, SEO, price, and much more. You can even filter the products which you want to export to Shopify.

Compatibility with All Akeneo Edition

Now, you can connect your Shopify Store with a SaaS-based Akeneo seamlessly. 

Webkul has started to provide the solution on the All Akeneo version including Akeneo Community Edition, Akeneo Growth, Akeneo Flexibility, and Akeneo Serenity Edition - https://apps.akeneo.com/extension/shopify-akeneo-saas-connector.

Middleware Standalone App

We have created a Middleware Standalone App for Akeneo SaaS and using that App, you can connect your Akeneo with an eCommerce Platform and sync your data. 

It will be based on the Akeneo API so there will not be an issue with the Akeneo upgrade. 

The app will work perfectly with the Akeneo Growth and Akeneo Serenity Edition. 

Please Note -

  • Shopify Akeneo Connector is also compatible with Shopify Plus.


  • Export Akeneo categories as 'Collections' in Shopify
  • Export product data including variations
  • Specify variation's price, SKU, quantity, barcode, weight
  • Send multiple product images to Shopify
  • Update exported products on Shopify
  • Map Akeneo attributes with Shopify product details
  • Set fixed values for exported products in Akeneo settings
  • Export quantity, barcode, weight, product type, vendor, tags with product data
  • Send SEO information - page title, meta description, URL
  • Mention price and compare at price
  • Add multiple Shopify stores for configuring
  • Specify "Charge taxes on this product" is required or not.
  • Filter products to export based on - category, families, completeness, time condition, status
  • The export specific product(s) using an identifier (SKU)
  • Connect multiple Shopify stores with Akeneo by providing separate credentials
  • This module supports the Shopify version 2023-01
  • Link variant image of a product to its variation
  • Compatible with the Shopify Plus platform also.
  • The quick export functionality is included for exporting a selection of products.
  • Shopify Meta Fields mapping is supported.
  • Import products, variations, categories, and attributes from Shopify to Akeneo.
  • Using Shopify's standard attribute code, you can map additional attributes for imported products.
  • The source code is 100% open for customization.

Live Demo - https://akeneo-shopify.webkul.in/demo.html

Documentation -  https://webkul.com/blog/shopify-akeneo-connector/

Video Tutorials

Check out the following video tutorials below:

Product Fields Mapping

You can mention detailed information about your products in Akeneo. But first, you need to do the mapping of Akeneo attributes with Shopify product fields. So that all the product information is synchronized accurately.

  • Sync Shopify product fields with Akeneo attributes
  • You can mention any fixed value for the exported products
Export Collections

When you export products from Akeneo, all the assigned categories of that products are exported as collections in Shopify. The module will automatically send collected data to the Shopify store and assign it to the products.

  • Akeneo categories become Shopify collections
  • Auto creation of collections in Shopify
  • Collections are assigned automatically
Export Products with Variations

You can export products with their variations also. When you create a product model in Akeneo and add information about its variants such as color, size. All the combinations and options are automatically exported to the Shopify store.

  • Export variant product image
  • Variant product inventory
  • Auto-sync option names and option values
  • Mention compare at price and barcode for variants
Export Multiple Images

Product images are very important when you are selling stuff online. Using this module, all the product images are exported to the Shopify store. Please make sure you have mentioned image attribute codes in the configuration.

  • Send multiple images of a product
  • Supports variant product images
  • Works with .jpg
Send SEO Information

You can send search engine listing information with your products. We know SEO is very important for getting maximum visibility and traffic to your website. You can mention the following information about a product:

  • Page title
  • Meta description
  • URL and handle
Filter Export Data

Using various built-in filters you can decide which products will be exported to the Shopify store. You don't have to export all the catalogs to Shopify, you can send products according to category, status, family, completeness, or time condition.

  • Export specific products using SKU
  • Export products according to the category selected
  • Select the default channel, locale, and currency
Sync Multiple Stores

If you are managing multiple Shopify stores, you can connect them with Akeneo and do product synchronization simultaneously. At the time of export, you can mention your Shopify store credentials where the products will be created.

  • Send product data to multiple stores
  • Mention specific store API credentials while exporting products
Import from Shopify

Shopify Akeneo Module, now allows you to import your product catalog data from Shopify to Akeneo also. Shopify Import Product job profile is available which allows you to import products, variations, categories, attributes, options, and much more data from your shop to your Akeneo.

  • Products with variations can be imported
  • Configure imported product attributes
  • Mention Shopify standard attribute codes for additional mapping
Support To Shopify Plus Merchants

If you are a retailer or wholesaler operating at a large scale and using Shopify Plus as an eCommerce platform, Shopify Akeneo Module works smoothly with the version with extensive support from the team.

  • Export products from Akeneo to the Shopify Plus platform.
  • Configure product attributes and import products with variations
  • Import Products from your Shopify Plus store to Akeneo and harmonize product data.
  • Dedicated Support
Customer Success Stories

Do check out the success stories of our customers who are using the module and getting their business on the go.

Video Testimonial


For any query or issue please create a support ticket - Webkul Support Ticket

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