Shopware 6 Akeneo Bulk Synchronization

Developed by Webkul
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Shopware 6 Akeneo Bulk Synchronization: Allows export bulk synchronization of data including Tags, Products, Product Models, and Inventory from Akeneo to Shopware 6.

Therefore, the Shopware 6 Bulk API Akeneo Connector module helps the user to manage thousands of product data easily and export products within a few hours.


  • Export bulk products from akeneo to shopware.
  • Export Bulk Product Model from Akeno to Shopware 6.
  • Credentials must be selected on the basis of the Shopware version.
  • With the help of UI, users can select the product listings of variants.
  • Export Bulk Tags from Akeneo to Shopware6.
  • Single operation filter and Indexing behavior.
  • Inventory Update for New and Existing Products.

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Release notes

Version - 3.0.0


  • Compatible with Akeneo CE 7.x

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed float type value export with the custom attribute.

Version - 2.0.0


  •     Compatible with Akeneo CE 6.x
  •     Improved Manual installation
  •     Added uninstallation command

Version 1.1.0


  •    Compatible with Composer Installation
  •    Added option(Data will be written in a single transaction) in the Single Operation

Bug Fixes

  •     Akeneo4 installation issue fixed

Version - 1.0.0


  • Export Bulk Products from Akeneo to ShopWare
  • Export Bulk Product Models from Akeneo to ShopWare
  • Supported shopware6 Version-